Internet (Web sites) 105


Internet Explorer: Getting around the program and changing the view, understanding the address bar, go button, status bar, understand the concepts of home pages, getting around a website using hyperlinks, getting to other websites using hyperlinks, opening pdf documents using links, understand the purpose of Adobe Acrobat reader, links to email addresses, moving backwards and forward between "visited" websites, understanding the concept of frames.

Websites: Understand the concept of waiting for website files to download, stopping a website from downloading, refreshing and revisiting websites and why they appear faster the 2nd and subsequent visits. Error messages and incorrect website address messages, understanding how popups work and how to deal simply with them, domain names and how they can change (beyond your control), adding a webpage to your favourites and setting your home page.

Searching: Understanding the concept of search engines, the search button and searching MSN, using the address bar to search, searching online directories, search for website domain names, using the Google search engine, refining your Google search, searching the Internet for images, performing a search within a search, Smarter searching using multiple windows.

History and Favourites: Understand how Internet Explorer keeps track of website and the webpages within a website in history, this is a great way of visiting a site that you have been to before even if you can't remember the website address, adding a website to favourites using the toolbar and the menu bar options, and where to find added favourites, organising your favourites into folders, organising existing favourites, changing the names of favourites and more...