• Once you have a domain name (like http://www.ezylearn.com.au) and a 123ezy webserver space, there are many things that you now have the power to do and one of these things is to setup your own email addresses. No more need to call your ISP, you can now do it yourself.

    This module shows you how to set your email address up on the server and allocate a storage quota (which you can change in future) and also how to setup the email address on your email "client" program (like Outlook Express).

    You'll also learn about webmail and how to benefit from it.

  • This course takes you through the basics of how to create your website using a template and progresses through the creation of new pages and renaming of them, plus the creation of submenus within pages (you can have literally hundreds of web pages within your website).

    You'll also learn how to edit the text within various parts of your website and how to insert images (plus understand a bit about image file types and sizes of image files). This section includes the information on how to upload images to your 123ezy webserver space.

    The layout can be changed completely and you have complete control over it so even if you choose a template you'll learn how to re-arrange it completely.

    Inserting links to other wbsites is simple and this too is covered, along with how to set your website up for Search Engine optimisation. Giving each page a name, description and the keywords that will help people find it.

  • A common question that people have regarding their website is if they can get application forms and brochures onto their website. This course will teach you how to do it the simple way.

    You'll start to understand a bit about how the web server filing system works too, which is always handy.

  • Finding images for your website will make your pages much more interesting to look at and convey your message much quicker.

    Finding royalty free images can be time consuming and may involve the expense of purchasing images.

    We'll show you how to get images from Microsoft Office Clipart (and online) and upload them to your website server, plus how to position them neatly in your webpages so that text wraps around them.

  • Page Masters ensure that every page in your website looks consistent. Page masters effect the font style and formatting, paragraph spacing, location of Page data boxes and the formatting of Menu Bars (vertical and horizontal menu bars).

    This workbook will give you a valuable insight into how to make better use of this powerful website development tool.

  • This course will teach you how to incorporate Microsoft Office type files into your website. Convert Word or Excel files to website format and then publish them.

  • You can now take complete control of your email marketing by creating subscription pages, extra information fields (for information you want to gather), send professional HTML templates, import a database of email newsletter members or add them one at a time. Understand the concept of ANTI-SPAM regulation with regard to confirmations, and then organise a broadcast to all your clients about what is going on at your business.

    You can use this tool to increase your business sales by up to 30% and best of all you can see statistics like which link on your email newsletter is the most popular.