• Using the mouse: Most beginners to computing fail to understand and perform basic mouse commands and these flow onto future problems in using the computer.

    Get to know the parts of the startbar, learn about short-cuts and icons, using the mouse (including left click, double-click, right-click, click & drag) to launch programs, get properties, select icons and move and resize.
    RESULT: Confidence with the mouse and how to use it to perform simple commands with Desktop icons. 

    Mastering Windows: resizing & moving windows, maximise, minimise, restore, starting & using a program and closing it down. You'll also learn about the terms used in Windows like Title bar, menu bar and many more...
    RESULT: You will understand how to launch programs, switch between programs, understand active and inactive Windows and close a program when you are finished with it.

    Dialog boxes: Understanding the parts of a dialog box and when they are used, including drop-down lists, scroll bars,
    RESULT: You will end up customising the display properties of your computer, including screen savers, wall paper and Colour Schemes